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Aoife Ni Chaoilte

My Story

I am a Wellbeing Specialist and Meditation practitioner, with a passion for transforming how we feel and operate in the workspace.  My own experience of burnout and work anxiety pushed me to find solutions, the old way of 'trudging through' was not working, in fact it was causing harm.


I was using so little of my potential, my energy was exhausted by stress and negative thinking.  Nobody was getting the best of me, not even myself!  I wanted to feel well, energetic and enthusiastic, I wanted to bring my full self, my ideas and energy to my job.


The solutions came in many forms, with one common ground - integrating the body and mind.  The body operates an intricate and intelligent set of technologies, the nervous system is a superhighway of communications that governs how we feel, act and think.  Practices of meditation, breathing, sound and movement speak directly to these technologies, giving us a pathway to build strength, balance and clarity of mind.


Take for example our breath, how we breathe impacts our internal and external processes.  A short, shallow breath exacerbates anxiety, but a long, deep and slow breath can reduce the heart rate, blood pressure and move the nervous system out of 'flight flight', bringing it back to a balanced state.

My goal is to share these practices, so that 'work' can become a place where people thrive, where they can show their talents and abilities and work from their full potential.

My own development and education is a consistent part of my work ethic.  I recently completed a Postgraduate in Workplace Wellbeing with Trinity College Dublin, this research has fueled further my belief and motivation that we can and should transform the workplace environment, making it a place where we can grow.

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