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2023 Class program

Breathwork - Meditation - Energisation

Breathwork and Meditation have been the fastest growing wellness practices since 2017, and joining them in 2021 is how we use our energy. According to the Global Wellbeing summit, the ‘energy body’ is where its at! 


This is not something new, practices that shift, recharge and balance our energy have been around from time immemorial.  As science helps us to understand, that in fact everything is energy, we can harness the power of these tools to strengthen our body and mind. 

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Well At Work are bringing all three elements together to offer you a powerful wellness practice. 

The benefits of these practices are endless; from changes in brain chemistry, neural pathways and sleep patterns to greater confidence, compassion and comfort. The effects are far reaching, impacting our physical, mental and emotional states.


"Excellent teacher, well Paced class, loved it!"

"Learning to be more self aware & learning some good techniques particularly in relation to managing my stress & dealing with challenging situations especially at work"

"Practicing mindfulness has changed my whole outlook on life"

Thanks to Aoife I’m learning the tools to cope with Covid’s many challenges

"Discovering your inner strength and being able to use it"

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