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The 5 Minute Miracle!

How often during the day do you feel anxious, stressed or edgy? Do you wake up some mornings to be greeted with a negative inner dialogue.

"I've got to talk to my boss today. You are crap at those conversations. No, I'm just going to say it. Really? What if you mess it up, it will come out all wrong...will he just think I'm not able….am I able?'

What the hell, how did I get myself into this, its only 5 minutes since the alarm went off."

As you rehearse and imagine the conversation there is a growing unease in your stomach.

Now the fight flight switch has been tripped, but nothing has actually happened yet, your head is still on the pillow, your eyes are still closed. Unless your boss is in the bed beside you, the conversation is still in your imagination!!

You see our nervous system is our faithful Protector, its sole purpose - your survival. It listened carefully to your thoughts, sensed how you felt, put 2 + 2 together and said 'SOUND THE ALARM' we are in trouble. Then a number of things happened in your body:

  • Breathing became shallow and fast

  • The muscles in your body got tense from thinking

  • Your heart rate increased, along with blood pressure

  • You started releasing cortisol into the blood

Now what we urgently need in this moment is a counteracting voice that says 'HOLD STOP, WAIT A MINUTE!', I am just thinking, it's not real, everything is ok.

How can we do this? It takes just 90 seconds to reverse the alarm, when we know how. Try it out, learn the language of the nervous system as I talk you through this 5 minute breathing practice - Short Breath Holds for Anxiety.

The more times you can reverse the signal, the more confident you become, the more your body trusts you, the more you trust yourself. Ah Ha! Now you are in the driving seat!

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4 comentários

Thanks for that. It’s a lovely, useful and simple practice.


Nice easy practice Aoife, thank you. I can feel the effects.


Thanks for a really useful practice.

Aoife Ni Chaoilte
Aoife Ni Chaoilte
20 de mai. de 2021
Respondendo a

Hi Aileen, delighted you enjoyed it! It's a great practice thats becomes really powerful when we can bring it in regularly. Especially the moments of the day when we feel that stress closing in on us. Keep on practicing! x

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